Apotheke Decouverte

An Association of Eorzean Professionals

Crystal Datacenter, Mateus Server
Headquarters: Lavender Beds, 16th Ward, Plot 36

Current Roster

Framboise Zakuro: Apothecary

Maho Mercy: Poison Master

Noyel Oszkar: Master of Arms

Evianne Volane: Ruin Explorer

Vaelis Al'dara: Tinkerer

Ryker Thorne: Dog of War

Koruru Cotterpin: Serpent Captain

Yuzi Kefshi: Fletcher + Scout

Nariko Mao: 薬売り (Medicine Seller)

Vallerin Tremont: Knight Captain

Kai Tsurugi: Hingan Emissary

Places of Note

The Abandoned Clinic


Current Plot: The Abandoned Clinic

Tucked away in Old Gridania on the fringes of the Black Shroud's centre lies a vast mansion. Deserted, but not empty, its innards are host to many a mystery. Framboise has purchased the mansion as it fell into foreclosure under the Adders' jurisdiction, but they are tight-lipped about any information pertaining to the previous owner or any of its occupants.



OOC Info

Who We Are: Progressive, Collaborative, Adults, Mature, LGBTQA+ & Allies

What We Do: Lore-Honoring, Consensual + Collaborative, Inclusive Storytelling, "Play To Lift" Technique, Character Struggle and Growth

We Welcome: Adult (20+) roleplayers with an interest in exploring the growth of flawed characters via collaborative storylines. Active players who value transparency and open communication in order to facilitate trust, putting players before characters in order to facilitate deep and rewarding character arcs. Players who will take initiative, subscribe to "buying in" and actively participate when plots are presented to them.